Back on the Train Gang

No more homeoffice! The author Simon Caroll is back in the real world and misses his sofa.

Something Borrowed

The english language can be compared to a cake. An observation by Simon Caroll.

10 of the best books to fall in love with

The lockdown should be the perfect time to catch up with all those books you’ve always meant to read but never had time so to help you forget your worries, my top 10 romantic reads.
Prepare to fall in love.

Heroes and Villains

Simon Caroll takes a look of Good versus evil. Whatever the genre romance, fantasy or detective fiction – many of our favourite stories involve a sublime double act of a hero and villain, characters that inhabit our minds and linger in the imagination long after the tale is over.

The Difference between the Classic and Contemporary Fiction Novel

Simon Caroll invites you to look at the the difference between the classic and contemporary fiction novel.